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Dana Garner, PhD, BCBA-D, LBS, Autism Specialist




I am a firm believer that success is only the beginning... and all progress stems from initial successes. I provide training/coaching to parents, teachers, and professionals on how to organize the environment and how to deliver instruction in the most effective way while having lots of fun.

In addition to consulting, being an assistant professor at PSU, Clinical Director of Behavior Analysts for Aptitude Habilitation Services, Inc., and spending time with my children, I offer various remote cohorts for BCBA applicants, BCaBA applicants, BCaBA maintenance supervision, and BCBA coaching.  


Board Certified Behavior Analyst - Doctorate Level

Licensed Behavior Specialist under PA State Board of Medicine

Autism Specialist




Specific areas of expertise: FBA, Verbal Behavior, Classroom Management, Behavior Management, Young Children with Developmental Delays, Communication Development, and Staff Development. 

Recommended books:

Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons, Phyllis Haddox.  I've used this book with my girls and with clients. Copy and paste: 

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What Shamu taught me about life, love and marriage, Amy Sutherland.  Great intro to ABA principles and techniques, I've often recommended this to parents and teachers.  copy and paste link:



The Verbal Behavior Approach, Mary Barbera.  Another book I recommend often! Great intro to VB.  copy and paste link:



The Behavior Detective.  This book provides scenarios and "answers" for students studying for the BACB certification.  copy and paste link:



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